Current trends in garden pots

Whether you’re an urban dweller with a balcony garden or you have sprawling lawns in the suburbs, garden pots play an essential role in enhancing the beauty and versatility of outdoor and indoor spaces. Today, we'll dive deep into the latest trends in garden pots and how you can incorporate them to revitalise your gardening game.

1. Sustainability is Key

One of the foremost trends today revolves around sustainability. With a heightened awareness about environmental concerns, many Australians are opting for eco-friendly garden pots. Biodegradable materials, up-cycled items, or pots made from recycled materials are gaining popularity. These pots not only reduce the environmental footprint but also add a unique touch to your garden with their natural and rustic appeal.

2. Geometric Shapes & Abstract Designs

Contemporary designs with crisp lines and angular shapes are in vogue. Triangular, hexagonal, and pentagonal planters, for instance, are especially trending. These shapes offer a modern look, making them ideal for urban balconies or sophisticated garden setups.

3. Natural Tones with Bold Pops of Colour

While muted earthy tones like terracotta, beige, and grey remain evergreen, we’re seeing a surge in pots that feature bold colour accents. Deep blues, vibrant yellows, and rich greens add a splash of personality and can be used to either contrast or complement the plants they house.

4. Terrazzo Finishes

Inspired by interior design trends, terrazzo finishes on garden pots are making a big statement. These garden pots, often made of concrete with flecks of granite, quartz, or marble, are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The myriad of colours in the terrazzo ensures that no two pots look exactly alike.

5. Self-Watering Garden Pots

With increasingly busy lives, many gardening enthusiasts are looking for low-maintenance solutions. Enter self-watering pots. These garden pots are designed with a built-in reservoir, allowing plants to absorb water as they need. Not only do they reduce the frequency of watering, but they also provide a consistent moisture level, which is especially beneficial in Australia's sometimes harsh climate.

6. Vertical Gardening and Stackable Pots

Space is often a luxury in urban settings. Thus, vertical gardening solutions are emerging as a top trend. Stackable garden pots allow gardeners to grow multiple plants vertically, optimising the available space. They’re particularly popular among those who grow herbs or small flowering plants.

7. Tech-Integrated Garden Pots

In the age of smart homes, even garden pots are getting a tech upgrade. We're seeing pots equipped with sensors that can monitor soil moisture levels, sunlight, and even notify you when it's time to water or fertilise. These pots can be particularly helpful for beginners or those without a green thumb.


From sustainable choices and artistic designs to tech integration, the world of garden pots is ever-evolving. These trends reflect the dynamic blend of aesthetics, functionality, and environmental consciousness in the realm of gardening. So, the next time you're out shopping for garden pots, keep these trends in mind. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, embracing these trends can give your space a fresh and contemporary vibe.

Note: Always remember that while trends come and go, the most important factor when choosing garden pots is to find what works best for your plants and your personal style.

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